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Vanilla Bean ("OG") Marshmallows

Vanilla Bean ("OG") Marshmallows

The Original.


Been making these for over 13 years now, I still don't tire of making them either :)


I would say 'the one that started it all', but I remember making Raspberry Marshmallows the VERY first time.


Normal. Plain. Classic. Traditional. Etc.


Squidgy, chewy yet soft also. With Vanilla Seeds & Egg whites.


At least 100g of Marshmallows in a recycled & recyclable brown Tin Tie Bag with window and label.


Vanilla Recipe: Sugar, Water, Egg Whites, Gelatin (bovine) icing sugar, cornflour, vanilla seeds.


Shelf life varies from 4-6 weeks (most are 5-6 weeks) (keep cool, dry and out of sunlight, NOT IN THE FRIDGE)



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