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Scottish Raspberry Marshmallows

Scottish Raspberry Marshmallows

The CLASSIC Raspberry Marshmallows are back with homemade puree. We use Scottish berries to make this fragrant, delicate delicious Marshmallow.


These toasted over a flame (any flame) will blow your mind. The absolute best. Get ‘em now exclusively ONLINE & INSTORE.


*Gluten, Wheat & Dairy FREE! Contains EGG WHITES

Contains 100g of Marshmallows. This batch is MEGA Mallows so includes 2-3 BIG OL' Mallows ;)


Not suitable for veggies or vegans. SUITABLE FOR HALAL!


Shelf life varies from 4-6 weeks (most are 5-6 weeks) (keep cool, dry and out of sunlight, NOT IN THE FRIDGE)



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