Limited Flavour : Toasted Coconut

Toasted Coconut Returns.Coconut lovers & HATERS has made this flavour incredibly popular. We don’t do it often as it’s one of the most labour intensive but it’s back now for a limited time only. We toast Unshredded, unsweetened & organic Coconut and we roll the Marshmallows in its beautiful coconut-ness (it’s now a word) we also use some coconut cream in the actual marshmallow, incorporated at JUST the right time of whipping. Nuff said. If you love Coconut you’ll love this, know anyone else who loves coconut who’d like a pick-me-up or some munchies, we can send them direct to your pal. We can also include a wee note if you’d so desire :)These come in Mega Mallow size. Think of it as a Traybake. So one traybake equals 4 ‘normal’ sized Marshmallows. One bag contains TWO big bits.Ingredients: Base recipe for all marshmallows: British sugar, Scottish water, egg whites, liquid glucose, bovine gelatine, icing sugar, cornflour, vanilla extract.

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