Reverse Rocky Road

We take our already PERFECT Chocolate Mousse Marshmallows (used frequently by top chefs, hotels, restaurants & even football clubs) Now just for you guys!! You lucky sods :P As I was saying, we take Chocolate Mousse marshmallows, whip them until cool and then we add ingredients TO the chocolate mousse marshmallows INCLUDING our own Marshmallows! What craziness is this?! This batch contains shortbread, Vanilla Marshmallows and I poured dark-milk chocolate on TOP of the Marshmallow as well for an extra texture joy. These come in Mega Mallow size. Think of it as a Traybake. So one traybake equals 4 ‘normal’ sized Marshmallows. One bag contains TWO big bits.Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Chocolate Mousse, Egg whites, Digestives, Gelatin, liquid glucose, cocoa powder (traces of dairy) cornflour, icing sugar, vanilla seeds.

Every batch has slightly different ingredients, which include, digestives, shortbread, caramel oreos, glacé cherries, maraschino cherries, sour cherry marshmallows, vanilla bean marshmallows, candyfloss marshmallows, dark chocolate & milk chocolate :)

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