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Churro (Cinnamon) Marshmallows

Churro (Cinnamon) Marshmallows

The classic returns, Churro Marshmallows!! Had a brief run as Churro & Maple, but back to plain, pure & simply delicious Cinnamon. Made with cinnamon bark infused water and some added Cinnamon syrup as well as some ground cinnamon too! Triple threat!


Fantastic toasted & then put ON/IN some beautiful hot chocolate. They Caramelise/toast BEAUTIFULLY.


OR you can melt them and pour over ice cream, melt them on your waffles, your pancakes, or just shove them in your FACE!


At least 100g of Marshmallows in a recycled & recyclable brown Tin Tie Bag with window and label.. GF, WF, DF. Contains egg whites & gelatine


Shelf life varies from 4-6 weeks (most are 5-6 weeks) (keep cool, dry and out of sunlight, NOT IN THE FRIDGE)


And enjoy :)

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